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Help:Categories as tree

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Here're all categories displayed as a tree

The numbers in brackets show the quatity of C=categories, P=pages and F=files.

!TopLevel(19 C)
Files(4 C)
Frequently asked questions(4 C, 3 P)
Hardware(22 P)
Help(16 P)
Maintenance(2 C, 1 P)
Math(2 C, 76 P)
Number(5 C, 16 P)
Organizations(1 C, 4 P)
Person(130 P)
Project(6 C, 2 P)
Reserved(2 C, 141 P)
Shortcut(19 P)
Software(6 C, 38 P)
Spelling(3 P)
System(4 C, 17 P)
Teams(1 P)
Templates(4 C, 65 P)
Websites(10 P)