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Countings: Sequences per type

Sequences (per base, k-value or individual number) with own page in this Wiki:

Sequence Type counting
Mersenne primes number 51
Riesel primes k•2n-1 k-value 2,133
Gen. Riesel primes kbn-1 base 2
Proth primes k•2n+1 k-value 58
Gen. Proth primes kbn+1 base 3
Carol-Kynea primes (bn±1)2-2 base 381
Williams primes (b-1)bn-1 base 169
Williams primes (b-1)bn+1 base 144
Williams primes (b+1)bn-1 base 87
Williams primes (b+1)bn+1 base 82
Leyland numbers xy+yx number 1,814
Leyland numbers xy-yx number 1
Gen. Woodall primes nbn-1 base 17
Near Gen. Woodall primes (n-1)bn-1 base 3
Near Gen. Woodall primes (n+1)bn-1 base 2
Gen. Cullen primes nbn+1 base 29
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