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Display numbers of the form k × bn±1 in text-mode.


This templates uses one to four unnamed parameters which are defined as follows:

  • Only if the first parameter is +, the '+'-value is displayed, otherwise the '-'-value of the number.

Three more parameters cotaining numbers can be given and used as follows:

  • one parameter: the n-value is given and displays as 2n±1
  • two parameters: the k- and n-values are given and display as k•2n±1
  • three parameters: the k-, b, and n-values are given and display as k•bn±1


  • 1 parameter: {{Kbn|123}}: 2123-1
  • 2 parameters: {{Kbn|3|123}}: 3•2123-1
  • 3 parameters: {{Kbn|3|5|123}}: 3•5123-1

With '+'-sign:

  • {{Kbn|+|123}}: 2123+1
  • {{Kbn|+|13|123}}: 13•2123+1
  • {{Kbn|+|3|5|123}}: 3•5123+1


  • To display only 10123+1, set the k-value to '1': {{Kbn|+|1|10|123}} (or {{Kbn|1|10|123}} to get 10123-1).

Also possible:

  • {{Kbn|2<sup>n</sup>}}: 22n-1
  • {{Kbn|k|b|n}}: k•bn-1
  • {{Kbn|+|k|b|n}}: k•bn+1
  • {{Kbn|1|b|n}}: bn-1
  • {{Kbn|+|(b-1)|b|n}}: (b-1)•bn+1