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Privacy policy

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Publishing of user data

Every page edit is logged in the revision table of the page with user and date/time and is valid after saving the page and therefore viewable for everyone.

User accounts

Editing pages or uploading images or files is only allowed by registered users. A user name can be a real name or a pseudonym. An email address is needed which have to be set and confirmed in the user preferences. This address is not visible to others and is helpful in need of a lost password. Contacting other users out of this Wiki via that email is enabled, too.

Transfer of prsonal data

A transfer of personal data like email address or user name is not given away to third parties

Data security

Prime-Wiki do not provide guarantee against unauthorized access

Collected information

All information and data collected in this Wiki are free available or contributed by participants. Prime-Wiki do not provide a guarantee of 100% correctness nor completeness of those data. A commercial use of any copy of information out of this wiki is prohibited. Using data from this wiki on personal websites has to be marked with a link to the page of source.

Data deletion

Deleted articles are furthermore available for administrators but not visible for basic users. A final deletion can only be done by administrators.

Images and files

Images and files can only be uploaded by registered users. Images made by users are copyrighted by them, images from third parties/persons have to be given with their origin only. The usage of images and files out of this wiki is only allowed by giving the source here. A commercial use is prohibited. Copyrighted images or files from third parties/persons will be deleted by administrators. The uploaded will be warned or blocked. Images/files not satisfying the wiki rules will also be deleted.