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Tags, wikilinks and stuff

There are certain tags which will effect words they are "wrapped around":


The ' are used in formatting words:

''Italics'' (2x ') will make Italics
'''Bold''' (3x ') to write in Bold
'''''Hi all!''''' (5x ') will print Hi all!


  • Topic
    • Topic under topic
      • another level
  • New topic

Numbered list:

  1. Topic1
  2. Topc2
    1. Topic under topic2
      1. another level
  1. New topic

Definition list:

next topic

Line starts with a space:

Test line.

Placing headlines

Headlines come in various sizes.

== Level 2 ==
=== Level 3 ===
==== Level 4 ====
===== Level 5 =====
====== Level 6 ======

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5
Level 6

How to wikify

This is probably the most important of the tags. To wikify a sentence means to make the sentence link to the corresponding article on the Prime-Wiki. This is done by putting [[ ]] around the word.

An example:

"The person who runs the [[GIMPS]] project is [[George Woltman]]"

will make:

"The person who runs the GIMPS project is George Woltman".

It it also possible to link using a different title. That is done by using | inside the [[ ]] to separate link and title.

An example would be:

"Certain [[Lucas-Lehmer test|tests]] are used in [[GIMPS]], which is the biggest mathematical [[Distributed computing project|project]]"

which would turn up as:

"Certain tests are used in GIMPS, which is the biggest mathematical project"

Creating a link to a category a : has to be put before. The code [[:Category:Project]] will create Category:Project or with [[:Category:Project|Proj.]] displays as Proj..

Plurals of article names can be obtained by adding the 's' outside the brackets: [[Project]] is shown as Project but [[project]]s as projects.


To add a link to a page outside Prime-Wiki you could either just type the URL:

"To get more info, please visit"

or you could make a description by putting it in the form [link title]. That would turn

"To get more info, please visit [ Google]"

into "To get more info, please visit Google"

Currents default links with icons

Links containing a designated domain are shown with an icon behind the link. The following options are implemented:

  • MersenneForum: [ Forum] creates Forum
  • The Prime Database: [ Status] creates Status
  • Wolfram Mathworld: [ Home] creates Home
  • GIMPS Hompage: [ GIMPS] creates GIMPS

For Wikipedia an internal shortcut is set, so the calling is slightly different:

  • Wikipedia: [[Wikipedia:Pierre de Fermat|Fermat]] creates Fermat
(Can be done as usual but longer: [ Fermat] creates Fermat)


A reference is inserted in the page by using the <ref>...</ref> tags. So this[1] (in the page as this<ref>Here is the reference.</ref>) will create a numbered link to the reference list, which has to be included by using the template {{Reflist}} at the bottom of the page.

Math symbols

To write mathematical formulas, insert <math> and </math> around your formula.

For example

"The [[Sierpiński problem]] is about numbers of the form <math>k*2^n+1</math>"

would show

"The Sierpiński problem is about numbers of the form [math]\displaystyle{ k*2^n+1 }[/math]"

For more detailed help with math formulas, see Help:math rendering

Talk pages

Every page (not specials) got the ability to create a talk page to discuss topics around that page, template or user.

To create a talk page click the link "Discussion" on that page, use the link "Add topic" to create a new topic, fill in "Subject" (the header line of this topic) and your text in the normal edit field like in any article. Please put 4 tildes ~~~~ at last which will create a link to your user and the date/time of edit.

Answering on this topic you should indent your answer by using : in front of the text, so this could be look like this:

A topic by someone.
:An answer by someone else.
::Another answer.

which gives

A topic by someone.

An answer by someone else.
Another answer.

Creating a new topic always use the "Add topic" link.

Please close your answer always with the 4 tildes!

For more information see the MediaWiki page here.

More help

To look for more help see the Help pages.


  1. Here is the reference.