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PrimeNet offers an array of reports covering: the project as a whole, individual users, teams, and special data queries.

Project-wide reports

The first is the PrimeNet Summary report, also known as the Status report or work distribution map.

This report indicates the virtual supercomputer's operating status, automatically updated by the server every hour, at the start of the hour. It also shows the current distribution of exponents. For more details see the article on the report.

GIMPS Milestones report,

A semi-automated report that details past accomplishments of GIMPS and progress toward specific goals.

Recent Results report,

Details the 1000 most recently received results of all types. Produced hourly around the start of the hour. May not cover all results for the last hour.

Recent Cleared report,

Details the 1000 most recently 'cleared' exponents (those determined to be composite numbers). A new list is generate each hour at the start of the hour. This list also includes factors found for exponents already known to be composite by way of a Lucas-Lehmer test. The list generally has more than a full day's worth.

Classic GIMPS report,

This is the classic report that was used by GIMPS from the late 1990's through most of 2008. Provides a "classic" summary of the search status for Mersenne numbers with exponents below 79.3 million broken down by FFT size.

Reports about individual users

The Top Producers reports,

These detail who have been the largest producing individuals in the last 365 days. In addition to the overall report, there are also reports for the following worktypes: Trial factoring, first time LL Tests, LL double checks, P-1 factoring, and ECM Factoring. These are also updated hourly. For more details see the article on the report.

My Account,

In the example XXXX is the user ID and YYYY is the password. This report details many aspects of the user's account, including 'lifetime' statistics. There are several sub-reports and there are account controls included. The sub-reports cover: Update Settings, CPUs, Assignments, Results, and v4.0 Migration status. For mor details please see the main article on this report.

Reports about teams

The Top Teams reports,

These are like the top producer reports, but they detail information about teams, like Team Prime Rib and others. The same category breakdowns are available. They cover the last 365 days and are updated hourly. For more details see the article on the report.

My Team,

Very similar to the "My Account" report. Under this section there are also links to create a new team, update a team, and to join a team. For more information please see the main article on this report and the article on Teams.

Special data queries (Results queries)

These reports have user customizable options, as opposed to those listed in Project-wide reports.

Exponent Status report,

Displays the current known status of a range of exponents (up to 100). Lists known factors, if the Mersenne number is known to be prime, if the number is assigned, and history of work done on the number. More at main article on this report.

Known Primes links to Chris Chris Caldwell's "Prime Pages" table of known Mersenne primes.

Known Factors report,

Details known factors of Mersenne numbers However, if a Mersenne number has been fully factored the largest factor is not listed. Reports are limited to 10,000 rows.

Factoring report or Factoring limits,

Lists the current bit level and P-1 bounds for a given list of exponents which have no known factors and are not known to be prime.

LL Results report,

Displays the results of the Lucas-Lehmer tests. It also displays the last 16 digits (in hexadecimal) of the residue reported. If the number has not had a successful double check, the last 2 digits are masked. For unconfirmed results any error code is also displayed. Reports are limited to 10,000 rows.

ECM Progress report,

Displays the amount of ECM work that has been done. Broken down into numbers with no known factors and those with known factors.

Assignments report, http //www mersenne org/assignments

  • Note: use sparingly and not during the first 10 minutes after the hour. "DO NOT use this for a large number of assignments. Acceptable ranges are 21 to 23 million or a range of a few thousand in the first LL or TF areas." "It can put a nasty load on the server." The output has been limited to 1000 assignments. Abuse of this report may cause it to be removed.

PrimeNet Reports Archive

There was an automated archive of the three classic Hourly PrimeNet Reports that started collecting these files in June 2004.

This site appears to be defunct as of March 2011.