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Workload type Lucas-Lehmer test
First release 2012
Latest version 0.9.4

gpuLucas is a CUDA-based program written by Andrew Thall for testing Mersenne numbers for primality.

gpuLucas parallelizes the IBDWT-method for fast multiplies modulo Mersenne numbers.

gpuLucas was developed under Windows 7 using Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2008 as a research code, but has since been ported to Linux.

At the time of its announcement in 2010, it could perform nearly two times faster than CUDALucas due to using non-power-of-2 FFT lengths. PDF given here, Implementation details were published in 2011 and the source code was released in 2012 under BSD license (even though supporting libraries use GPL). [1] [2]

The code was further developed by Aaron Haviland, who improved I/O, added autodetection of optimal FFT size, saving checkpoints, etc.

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