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MISFIT (MfaktX Internet Service Function Integration Tool) is a companion utility for mfaktO/C and CUDALucas. It assists in adding work, reporting results and monitoring work progress.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

Current limits


Written by Scott (swl551 on MersenneForum) Author's description:

MISFIT also provides fully automatic results uploading to GIMPS, stalled process detection and alerting, work fetching and many other features.

No doubt it will simplify managing mfaktO/C/CUDALucas instances and is well suited to managing GPU farms.

MISFIT is a 32/64 bit Windows Forms utility running on .NET 4.0. It is written in C# and compiled in Visual Studio 2010.

MISFIT-REMOTE: This is the prototype of the REMOTE control system I'm building for GPU farms. It has its own zip file. Please read the README as it explains the basic setup and how to use the test harness. It has no value unless you want to perform remote control of mfaktO/C on remote WINDOWS PCs. The inter-process communication is done over windows named pipes using .NET 3.5



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