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Workload type ECPP
First release 2001-08-03
Latest version 4.3.1

Primo is a computer program which tests numbers for primality using the Elliptic Curve Primality Proving (ECPP) algorithm, the fastest known general-purpose primality testing algorithm. Primo is developed by Marcel Martin using Free Pascal and Lazarus IDE.

The program does not require a number to be of any specific form. If a number is found to be prime, a primality certificate is produced, which can be quickly verified.

The record largest prime certified using Primo (as of April 2018) is 2116224-15905. It has 34,987 digits. The certification of this number was done by Peter Kaiser with Primo 4.1.1. The certification process took 694 days for the phase 1 and 58 days for the phase 2 using a Dual Intel E2667 processor (16 cores at 3.2 GHz).

The Factoring Database allows users to upload Primo certificates.

See also

  • ECPP-DJ - an open-source implementation of ECPP test, which can also verify certificates generated by Primo.

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