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Template HistF


Prints a line in the history of the primes with status "Found n =...".


1st: Date, year or any text
2nd: n-value or range or term (beginning with a digit the term "n = " will be output in front)
3rd: contributor(s): any person or project as comma separated list printed as links
4th: if given, it has to be a thread/post ID combination (for more information see template HistLink).


{{HistF|2019-04-20|1234|Karsten Bonath,No Prime Left Behind|443495}}
{{HistF|2010|987|Karsten Bonath,Smith}}
{{HistF|2019-07-01|123, 456|Karsten Bonath}}
{{HistF|?|L(44541,746)|Karsten Bonath}}