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Display a spoilers to show/hide text.

Example: (parameter 'title' and 'content' recommended):

{{Spoiler|title=This is a test.|content=Text here 
Link: [[Main Page]]}}
This is a test.

Text here

Link: Main Page

All parametere:

  • width: default 100%
  • margin: default auto
  • border-w: border width, default 1px
  • border-t: border type, default solid
  • border-c: border color, default black
  • background-c: background color, default white
  • header-a: header align, default center
  • header-c: background color header, default #f0f2f5)
  • header-fs: font size header, default 100%
  • header-fc: font color header, default black
  • align: alignment header, default left
  • font-s: font size content, default 100%
  • show: hide/show, none/block

Example with all parameters:

{{Spoiler|title=Test parameters|content=The test text.|width=60%|margin=5em|border-w=5px|border-t=dotted|border-c=#f0f|background-c=#0f0|header-a=left|header-c=#999|header-fs=130%|header-fc=#fff|align=center|font-s=150%|show=block}}
Test parameters
The test text.