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Twin prime

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A twin prime is a prime number that differs from another prime number by two, for example the twin prime pair (41, 43).

It is not known whether there exist infinitely many twin primes. But it is known that the sum of the reciprocals of all twin primes converges to Brun's constant (about 1.902160583104).

Count of twin prime pairs

Up to Number of pairs
101 2
102 8
103 35
104 205
105 1224
106 8169
107 58980
108 440312
109 3424506
1010 27412679
1011 224376048
1012 1870585220
1013 15834664872
1014 135780321665
1015 1177209242304

Reference: Counts of twin prime pairs and Brun's constant to 5e15 by Thomas R. Nicely.

List of twin primes

The next table includes the lower members of the first 500 twin prime pairs. The other members are found by adding 2 to the primes shown below.

Table deleted, have to be created as upload later!

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