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ECMclient is an application, which gets ECM work from a server and automatically submits the results back when finished.

Several projects make use of ECMclient in their factoring of different kinds of numbers, including:

It is expected that you have already got an optimized ecm.exe. If not, then compile one now.

To get started with ECMclient, do the following: 1. Get it here and unzip it. If you are experienced in the art of compiling, it is recommended that you instead compile an optimized version using the source code. 2. Move your homemade ecm.exe to the unzipped ecmclient folder (along with your ecmclient.exe if you compiled the client yourself). 3. Open ecmclient.ini

Now you'll have to fill in your email (the email= line), the name of your compiled ecm.exe (the gmpecmexe= line) and the server.

It is possible to work with multiple ECM projects and therefore the server must be entered as follows:

  • Q = the percentage of work to get from this server (put 100 here if you're concentrating on one project only)
  • W = a letter to identify that particular server/connection/project. This also shows on the names on the created in- and output files. Putting 'f' here will make '' and 'work_f.out'.
  • E = the address of the server
  • R = the port to connect to
The server address to Paul Leyland's Cunningham server is The port is 8194.
The server address to the XYYXF project is The port is 34.
The server address to the ElevenSmooth Project is The port is 8194, 8195.
The server address to the OddPerfect project is The port is 8201, 8202.

If you want to help the OddPerfect Project then leave the server setting as it is.

An example:
this will get work from the OddPerfect project.

4. Run ecmclient.exe and it should get some work and start working on it.