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Template:Riesel prime

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Template Riesel prime

Display of current data for Riesel primes kbn-1, comments will be displayed as references at the bottom.


{{Riesel prime


  • Rk: the k-value of kbn-1
  • Rb: the b-value of kbn-1
  • RCount: the number of n-values given
If no count is given, this will be automatically counted. If given and differs from automated value, a warning will be shown.
  • RNash: the Nash weight
  • RMaxn: highest n-value of continuous searched range (from n=1)
  • RDate: last date of edit
  • RReserved: person(s) who reserved this sequence (comma separated)
  • RMultiRes: number of Template:Multi Reservation: RMaxn and RDate will be taken from there
  • RNlist: list of every n-value (one per row) with comments
  • RRemarks: any helpful text or links for this sequence
  • RSieve: if set a zip-file can be uploaded (filename is given then) if not available; if exists file is downloadable

Categories set

In case of the following conditions special categories will be set automatically (b = 2 only)::

  • If k-value is disvisible by 3 → category Riesel 3k is set
  • If k-value is disvisible by 15 → category Riesel 15k is set
  • If k-value is disvisible by 2145 → category Riesel 2145k is set
  • If k-value is disvisible by 2805 → category Riesel 2805k is set
  • If RCount=0 & RNash=0 & RMaxn=0 → category Riesel number is set

Any base (here given for base 2 only):

The category Riesel prime for base b is set by default.

See also


{{Riesel prime
|RReserved=Karsten Bonath,Euclid
2;T:ST;C:'''[[M1]]''', Near Woodall: (1+1)*2^1-1
3;T:SW;C:[[M2]], Woodall: 2*2^2-1
5;C:[[M3]], Near Woodall: (3+1)*2^3-1
7;C:[[M4]], Near Woodall: (5-1)*2^5-1
19;C:[[M7]], Near Woodall: (15+1)*2^15-1
|RRemarks=For this {{Vk}}-value theses are the [[Mersenne prime]]s.

will create:

Current data

k , b : 15 , 2
Type : 315
Count : 8
Nash : 2390
Max n : 20
Date : 2019-03-01
Reserved : Karsten Bonath, Euclid
2[1], 3[2], 5[3], 7[4], 13[5], 17[6], 19[7], 4253[8]
Remarks :
For this k-value theses are the Mersenne primes.


  1. S.G. n=2, Twin n=2, M1, Near Woodall: (1+1)*2^1-1
  2. S.G. n=3, Woodall, M2, Woodall: 2*2^2-1
  3. M3, Near Woodall: (3+1)*2^3-1
  4. M4, Near Woodall: (5-1)*2^5-1
  5. M5
  6. M6
  7. M7, Near Woodall: (15+1)*2^15-1
  8. M19